Smartdraw landscape design

Smartdraw landscape design

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Smartdraw landscape design by David and Mary J. Pletcher,

a team of landscape architects and designers who have

firmly established their reputation in the area of

designing and building private and public gardens.

They have a special interest in native plantings,

landscape design and natural ecology.

David J. Pletcher has designed a variety of

public and private projects since he established

his own business in 1972. He has established a

reputation for his innovative, creative, artistic

landscape designs that are distinctive, functional

and are unique to the space in which they are

built. Projects include water features, ponds,

naturalized wetland landscapes, residential

plantings and gardens, parks, landscape for

schools and colleges, public spaces and

commercial and industrial landscape design.

Mary M. Pletcher is an active member of the

Central New York landscape design community

and specializes in natural planting design and

trees. She has over 30 years of experience in

landscape design, including a variety of

community, residential, commercial and

industrial projects.

Drawings and information on the landscape

design projects for our new

community designed by J.P. Dunn and

Drawings and information on the landscape

design projects for our new

community designed by J.P. Dunn and J.M.

Lombardi Architects. Please contact us for

additional information.

A variety of trees are available to

choose from: live or caged, in

ground or above ground containers, as

well as different height and widths

available. If you have specific needs,

you are welcome to contact our

trees and shrubs department to

review specific recommendations.

Dunn Landscape Design is known for

their creative, innovative and functional

landscapes. They are known to create a

natural setting for any project.

"J.P. Dunn Landscape Design is a

team of experienced professionals who

will help you create the look you are

looking for. We will work with you and

your architect to make your landscape

the centerpiece of your dream home. We

can do it all." J.P. Dunn, LLD

Landscaping is more than just

plants and we take an in-depth approach

to every project. Our clients are

informed, knowledgeable, and empowered

to select the right planting for their

individual needs. From garden

plantings to extensive landscaping

design, we will work with you to

design the right plan for your home or

landscape project.

We use the most current plant

technology and knowledge to

assure you of the best selection and

care of the plants that are used. We

make it easy to choose the plants you

want and take care of them.

Here at the Lakeland Nursery, we have

an extensive inventory of perennials,

shrubs, and grasses that will look

beautiful for years to come. We carry

more than 10,000 shrubs, perennials,

and grasses to offer you the largest

selection anywhere. We have the

largest selection of shrubs and

perennials in Michigan and our

stock continues to grow at a rapid

pace. So, if you are looking for a

unique, hardy plant to fill a

backyard space, or you just love

having beautiful plants around, you

can always find what you want right

here at the Lakeland Nursery.

We offer planting and design services to enhance your

property with landscape structures to provide a unique,

high-end look. We take pride in providing the customer

with an in-depth proposal along with recommendations

that include landscaping, planting and irrigation to

meet their needs. We can help you select the right

landscape materials such as bricks, pavers, mulch,

planting beds, and more. We can advise you on the

best choices for your budget.

With years of experience and knowledge, we are ready to

show you our expertise.